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Closing the Skills Gap

It’s almost impossible to hire people with existing knowledge of the industry and best practices due to a supply/demand issue this is exacerbated by the ongoing rapid changes taking place. Because of these market forces, many brand and agency organizations are hiring smart and talented people, and then teaching them the skills needed to be successful in managing digital efforts.

Digital marketing skills are in high demand, but hiring managers are struggling to find talent.


Many believe this rapid rate of change has caused a marketing skills gap, making it difficult to find candidates with the technical, creative, and business proficiencies needed to succeed in digital marketing

~Kelsey Libert

Keeping Up with Change

Digital marketing strategies evolve quickly. Every few months Google changes their metrics, new social platforms emerge, and best practices evolve. The rapid pace of change makes internal training obsolete more quickly than it can be updated.

Transforming Teams Through Just-In-Time Learning


Benchmark your team’s capabilities. Find the gaps and identify key areas for growth and development.


Bring your new hires up to speed efficiently with microlearning solutions that build skills quickly.


Prepare your entry-level talent to take their skills to the next level with targeted, engaging, personalized learning.


Rapidly adapt to changing technologies and algorithms as they emerge in the marketplace.

Our Solution

  • Just in-time training – Practical, actionable courses for specific roles and needs.
  • CONTINUOUSLY UPDATED – We stay on top of the emerging best practices so you can focus on serving your clients.
  • SCIENCE-BASED APPROACH – We worked with experts in learning science to design a curriculum and learning modules that stick.

Splinke: Designed for the Digital Marketing Industry

  • Continuous need for updated information and best practices
  • Rapid turnover and substantial number of entry level resources
  • Competitive advantage to having a certified staff
  • Substantially reduce ramp-up time for new employees and those transitioning to new roles