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Turnover & Growth

Employee turnover and growth in marketing agencies is high. With digital agencies growing between 10-25% each year and employee turnover rates of 15-25%, Many digital agencies have nearly 50% of their entry and mid-level staff new to the company every year.

Rapid Change

Digital marketing strategies evolve quickly. Every few months Google changes their metrics, new social platforms emerge, and best practices evolve. The rapid pace of change makes internal training obsolete more quickly than it can be updated.

Our Solution

  • Just in-time training – Practical, actionable courses for specific roles and needs.
  • CONTINUOUSLY UPDATED – We stay on top of the emerging best practices so you can focus on serving your clients.
  • SCIENCE-BASED APPROACH – We worked with experts in learning science to design a curriculum and learning modules that stick.

Splinke: Designed for the Digital Marketing Industry

  • Continuous need for updated information and best practices
  • Rapid turnover and substantial number of entry level resources
  • Competitive advantage to having a certified staff
  • Substantially reduce ramp-up time for new employees and those transitioning to new roles